Sustainability & ecology

We belief that the development of sustainable luxurious and beautiful products that evolve the present and the future of humankind will increase in importance.

PENDA is a brand that values ecological and sustainable fashion.

This means that we find ecological and sustainable fashion of the utmost importance for the present to make our common future.

As a red thread through the whole production, PENDA will use as many products as possible that are not harmful to our planet and its inhabitants.

We also believe the importance to make high-quality clothing that people can wear and can enjoy for as long as possible. This reduces the pressure of the disposable society.

PENDA an exclusive, luxury and sustainable women's brand |  ecological fabrics and  materials


Our materials are sourced and our products manufactured through a carefully selected network of suppliers located around the world, many of which have worked with us since the brand was founded in 2018.

Italy is by far our biggest sourcing country with 88% of all our manufacturing and material suppliers. Although significantly smaller, other key sourcing countries include Holland, China and Japan.

Our dedication to innovation means we are always looking for new ways of bringing sustainability into our design methods while also creating the most beautiful product

PENDA an exclusive, luxury and sustainable women's brand |  Sustainability