PENDA is a luxury ready-to-wear Belgium brand. The brand is born out of passion for fashion and the desire to make women feel special, sophisticated and powerful, with timeless garments that are impeccably tailored.

Graduated at the university with a degree in journalism and communication, Penda worked at the National Radio and Television of Guinea as a reporter and she had started training as news anchor.

From an early age, Penda has always had a passion for fashion, and she makes her dream come true by starting her own clothing brand.

Her goal is to launch a true Belgian luxury house for strong women. To build a unique house style in which the values of work, creativity and authenticity are predominant.
Penda’s world view is strongly based on the honest and fair treatment of people. This in addition to a responsible and non-disposable consumption of goods.

“All I ever wanted was to create clothes that make women powerful and special. A fashion that values the personality of the woman who wears it. A fashion that creates character and attitude, so when she walks in the street, she feels confident and beautiful "


Inspired by strong, independent and free women, PENDA has a signature style of sharp tailoring, details, natural self-confidence and sexy femininity that are immediately visible in her first collection. It is a brand where modernity embraces tradition. A classic clothing line that dares.

Penda Van de Putte launched her own fashion house under her name with the support of her husband, Bram Van de Putte.

Ecology and sustainability are both a logical and a necessary choice for Penda as a recurrent theme in her life. The brand therefore chooses as much as possible for products that are not harmful to our planet and its inhabitants.

Her collection includes first a women's line, then following children, men's ready-to-wear, accessories and lingerie.

PENDA now operates 1 store at a location in Belgium (Linden) and an online sustainable luxury fashion store.