PENDA is an exclusive, designer, luxury Belgian brand that distils the French elegance of the brand through its romantic, sophisticated lines and the materials that are a pleasure to wear. The brand attaches great importance to high quality, details, Fit and tailoring. No disposable consumption, but high-quality clothing that you can enjoy for a long time.

The brand offers a strong universe of essentials for women, men and children. Soft and pleasant to wear materials that guarantee the consumer a quality of identifiable finesse, natural and luxurious, sublime and valorising designs. The forms are minimalist, and they are worked with the greatest requirements for the cut. The range of her hues and unique fashion guides her customers through shapes and colours in a discreet and classic style. Each collection we launch will reveal a finesse of colours with rich and audacious textures.

PENDA an exclusive, luxury and sustainable women's brand |  Confection

PENDA want to make women feel beautiful and powerful. Every collection begins with developing an ideal wardrobe for the independent woman.

Characterized by delicate and strong products that adapt to fit any moment of the day, so that you always feel elegant and confidente. It’s also characterized through its honest and sustainable character.

PENDA an exclusive, luxury and sustainable women's brand |  know-how

Inspired by strong, free and independent woman, who dare to be themselves, we strive to create timeless clothing that are a pleasure to wear. With Luxurious materials and quality manufacturing that allows us to create garments that feel as substantial as the women who wear them.

Our goal is to create a unique home style in which the values ​​of work, creativity and authenticity are paramount. Each silhouette is conceived through a laborious, process and evolves as it is fit on the woman.

“I always imagine these beautiful and strong women, in my mind. The movement, the body and the allure, before drawing. It is a made-to-measure construction. “



PENDA an exclusive, luxury and sustainable women's brand |  craftmanship

With care, all the details are looked at, to give the modest woman this little touch of affirmation.

We chose materials and fabrics that exude elegance, allure and finesse.

We make clothing that is finished to perfection, of the highest possible quality and craftsmanship. worn with a sure sense of elegance.

The collection is entirely made in Europe, with 88 % material coming from Italy.

It is a know-how that is essential for our maison. that's what characterizes the brand. A team completely dedicated to the welfare of the woman.