About Penda

Penda Sock is the creative brain behind the brand. She is the driving force behind the project.

Penda is mother of two lovely children. Her will to let her children grow up with beautiful clothes in harmony with a liveable and sustainable world is a strong motivator for her.

Her world view is very much based on the honest treatment of people. This in addition to a responsible and not disposable consumption of goods.

As a red thread through her life, Penda will use as many products as possible that are not harmful to our planet and its inhabitants. She loves high-quality clothing that people can wear and can enjoy for as long as possible. Also this reduces the pressure of the disposable society.

Penda has her basic education in journalism, but found her passion in fashion. This is where her true talent comes to the surface. She can’t be taken away from her sheet and pencil, where she knows how to ensure the most beautiful creations in a short time.

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