Christophe Busnel and how he turns an idea into a perfect optical illusion.

Throughout these times of the COVD-19 crisis and the associated lockdown, we ask different artists, models, photographers and designers what inspires or passionates them in their work. And how this guides them through this crisis.

Today we give the floor to Christoph Busnel, producer, cameraman and video editor:

"I've always been passionate about turning an idea into a perfect optical illusion, flirting with reality.
Sharing ideas with actors in order to model characters and create synergy is what now drives all my projects.
My recent collaboration with the BET channel on the show "BE FAB" has allowed me to establish my professionalism and the quality of my work on this reportage-type show".
Some references in his work: Fashion week NYC, Pub perfume or makeup ...

Christoph Busnel sends us a video where he explains it’s journey on this “stayathome” moment.